About Us

This blog is a combined effort of sisters all over the world who serve in the LDS Young Women organization. Planning activities every week can be a crazy thing to do. But sharing ideas certainly helps.

At the Auxiliary Leadership Training in SLC in 2011, Sister Dalton said if we are tired as YW leaders we aren't doing it right. The handbook says that the YW Class presidencies "help plan activities, including mutual." Hopefully the YW in your ward play an active part in planning and running your mutual activities.

In the handbook (10.8.1) it says, "Mutual activities should provide youth with a variety of opportunities to serve others and to develop spiritually, socially, physically and intellectually." When planning activities with the class presidency it is a fun idea to write these different areas on the board and then brainstorm different activities that can fit in each area. Have the YW and leaders come prepared with ideas from this site and others. It is also a good idea to take some time to identify specific needs in your ward and brainstorm activities that can help with those needs. This will help keep your activities for the month or year are balanced and appropriate.

The handbook (18.2.9) says that BYC is the place where combined Aaronic Priesthood-Young Women activities are planned. This is great opportunity for the youth to plan together for wholesome uplifting activities.

We hope you enjoy the site and that your activities are more fun and less stressful than ever before!