Tuesday, May 27

Camp Certification Sheets

We created this 1-Sheet (for each year) Certification List. Hope you can get some use out of it!

Be sure to use it in conjunction with THESE BOOKMARKS so the YW have a list of all certification requirements.

*You can order these badges HERE

Wednesday, March 12

Elder David A. Bednar - A Discussion With the Youth

Wednesday, February 26

Service Project - The Giving Tree

I'm not sure if I originally saw this idea HERE or not, but we did this at Girl's Camp a few years ago. We bought a paper punch LIKE THIS ONE and punched CUTE PAPER to make our ornaments. We used a PAPER PUNCH to put holes for RIBBON and made these cute ornaments. When the YW would perform service at camp, they would write their service on one of the ornaments and hang it on our tree. They worked really hard to get our tree decorated!

We used a large punch and actually decorated a tree outside. If you have good weather, this works well! Our ribbons were the value colors!

This would also work really well at Christmas time to decorate a Christmas Tree!

*This could be adapted for a Value Project idea!!

Monday, February 10

You Are So Beautiful - Alex Boye!

Wednesday, September 18

Teenage Affluenza

Thursday, August 8

Pumpkin Craft

Super cute and simple craft for the YW to do. They can make these for their own homes or as a service to deliver to ladies in the ward or even as a fund raiser! This is really only cost effective if you get the canning bands donated or find a super deal on them at a thrift store, etc.

I found this idea HERE. To make these pumpkins, you simply paint the canning bands, string them together and add cinnamon sticks in the middle.

*You can get 3lb of cinnamon sticks on Amazon relatively inexpensively. Click HERE to see/purchase.

*Here's a GREAT color of spray paint from Amazon as well. You can do quite a few pumpkins with one can!

Monday, July 22

Modest is Hottest

I LOVE this idea for adding lace to those cap-sleeved tees to wear under all of the sleeveless dresses/tops. Thanks, Cherie! Fantastic! What ideas do you have to help YW (and leaders!) be more modest? Share in the comments!

Amazon has quite a bit of lace.