Tuesday, September 22

Spa Night

The YW love a good spa night - especially if they get to invite their Moms! Here are a few ideas from ours:

1) DEVOTIONAL - on what true beauty is.

2) NAIL STATION - mothers and daughters give one another manicures (hand scrub recipe: 1 cup coarse sea salt, 1/2 cup liquid coconut oil, 6 drops of essential oil for scent), including painting one another's nails.

3) MAKEUP STATION - We brought some inexpensive cosmetics (new for hygiene reasons) and disposable applicators and one of the leaders demonstrated on a YW the proper way to apply makeup and then mothers/daughters did makeovers.

4) CRAYOLA LIPSTICK CRAFT - Recipe: 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil, 1 crayon (soak wrapper for a few minutes to easily peel off) broken into 3-4 pieces (or combine 1/2 each of 2 crayons) and 1/4 teaspoon vegetable oil (or essential oil if you want them scented) for gloss and easier spreadability). We put a frying pan on the stove with 1-2" water and brought to a simmer. Our frying pan held 4 ramekins so 4 YW could go at a time. YW prepared their ramekins with the oils/crayons and put them in the frying pan (in the ramekin so it's a makeshift double boiler). Stir with skewers (we had tiny plastic spoons that we used to measure the oils and to stir with). Then use pipettes to put hot lipsticks into lipstick containers. *We really only ended up purchasing pipettes and lipstick containers because we had everything else! There are many youtube videos on how to make the crayola lipsticks.

5) HAIR STATION - We downloaded several videos from Cute Girls Hairstyles and one of our YW manned a station where the YW and mothers could watch the videos and do one another's hair. Be sure to download the videos, because most churches block YouTube over the wifi (unless you're using a cell device, obviously).

6) REFRESHMENTS - We purchased nut cups and peanuts and chocolate covered fruit. We made little cups of nuts and little cups of the chocolate covered fruits and put little circle labels on them (see printable below). We also had little water bottles with labels (see printable below).


Water Bottle Labels - Here is a link to the label above PDF here or WORD document here if you prefer. These labels are 1.25" x 8." We used Kirkland brand water bottles from Costco (the SMALL 8 oz bottles) and removed the labels from them (don't remove the sticky glue from the bottles when removing labels!). The new labels were stuck to the old glue and then wrapped around and glued with a simple glue stick (you could use any glue but a glue stick totally worked!!). 

Round Stickers for nut cups or napkins or whatever - Here is a link to the PDF and here is the link to the Word document. (We used Avery 8293 round labels - which we had lying around)

*Font: The font is Cutie Pop and you can download it for FREE here.

Feel free to edit, change, whatever to your heart's content!