Monday, June 6

Secret Sisters - A New Way

We often struggle with Secret Sisters... Last year we came up with a new idea. We believe it was an answer to our prayers.

1) Before camp every YW and leader buys or makes FIVE items that represent things they love. For example. I love to crochet, so I made a little headband. I love chocolate, so I purchased one of my favorite candy bars... etc.

2) Before camp every YW decorates a small rock with their name on it - you could skip this step and just have small rocks with names that a leader has written on with a paint pen or something.

3) Every morning you gather all the rocks into a bag and pass them around - if you get your own name or someone you've had before during  the week - put it back.

4) Whatever name you have that day, that is your secret sister. You serve them, pray for them, etc. At campfire that evening we go around and each person announces who they have that day. They give them one of the items that they purchased and tell them why they love it and that they hope their secret sister loves it, too. This is a great way to get to know one another better and keeps the gifts a lot more evenly spread out. WE LOVE IT!!! We hope you do, too!


teresa said...

I love this idea!!

Anonymous said...

Do the girls keep the rocks throughout the day and we gather them up at the campfire? How did you sisters do that part?