Wednesday, April 20

Lantern for Girls Camp

We made these awesome lanterns last year for Girls Camp. We decided to make them again this year. We emailed our Relief Society group and asked for jar donations. We explained that we like them without the embossing - mayo jars and spaghetti sauce jars work well! We received all of the jars that we needed for our project. We had the YW clean them well and we used a Cricut® - actually, we used two - to cut shapes out of contact paper. This year's theme is S.A.F.A.R.I. and so most YW chose to do jungle animals, etc. Some YW chose to free-hand their ideas on the contact paper (they're so creative!) and cut them out with scissors.

Then we sprayed the jars with glass frosting (from a craft store) and crafted wire handles for them. We will put tea lights in each of them and I know they will look amazing. They did last year hanging from our canopy!

You can see all of the instructions for making these jars @ Under My Umbrella (the blog where I got the idea originally)!


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LeaAnne said...

Really great idea~ I was called last night as a Unit Leader for camp.. So excited!

Whit said...

I love camp! These really look amazing in real life. Everyone who came through our camp area commented on how awesome they are. Very inexpensive, simple and cool. :)

Be sure to come and share your ideas!

Whit said...

I am posting to say PLEASE use the Valspar frosting (available at Lowe's for sure and some craft stores as of this posting) as opposed to the Rust-oleum (which is a joke). I've always used Valspar and used Rust-oleum this year and there was a huge difference!!