Wednesday, April 27

Pin S.W.A.P. - Girls Camp Getting-to-Know-You Activity

I guess Girl Scouts have been doing this for years, but until last year I'd never heard of it. My camp director told me about it last year and we hosted our very first pin swap.

What is a pin s.w.a.p.?

Our ward hosted it last year and we're hosting it again this year. That means we call around and find out which wards are participating and get a head count. Once we know how many people are participating, we can begin making the pins.

Each ward makes an inexpensive pin (we budget $5-$10 total for all the pins our ward makes) for each YW (including their own ward) participating. At camp the girls will be given a pin for themselves and several pins to exchange with other YW in other wards. Then, when they meet a YW who is wearing a pin they don’t have, they can exchange for one of their ward pins. The goal is to get to know other YW and to collect pins from each participating ward.

How do I make the pins?

You can purchase flat-back pins and glue anything onto it – or you can use safety pins without the end stopper (as pictured above) or you can also purchase a tie-tac type of pin.

Last year our theme was The Little Mermaid and we glued tiny pink seashells onto flat-back pins. They were so pretty and inexpensive. The YW had a great time exchanging with other wards. Our YW wore their pins on their hat bands. This year we're making them neckties in zebra stripes (we're zebras for our safari theme) that they can put their pins on. We haven't decided on the pins themselves yet. Any ideas? Leave them in the comments!

You can find out more information and get ideas by googling camp pin S.W.A.P. (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionally Pinned).

Certification Requirement!

The 4th years have as one of their certification requirements: "Help to plan an activity for the whole camp or you own group that will help the campers get to know each other. Involve everyone." They made the pins and passed this off!