Friday, May 20

Choice & Accountability Dinner

Have a speaker come talk to the youth about choice & accountability and then do a Mystery Meal. This is a meal where you give each of the youth a menu and they select everything they want for each course - but the menu items are obscure so the youth aren't quite sure what they are getting.

You can set up the menu so that items are listed by type (appetizer, main course, dessert) or you can just let them select whatever for each course not knowing if they'll get ice cream for a main course. You can also have the eating utensils on the menu or not. It's up to you. Here are some examples I found online (feel free to make up your own!):

A Sleep Relative = A NapKin
Shovel = Spoon
Hay Stacker, That Thing in the Road or Neptune's Trident = Fork
Chip off the Old Block = Toothpick
Dipper = Ladle
Flipper = Spatula
Greaser = Knife

Eve's Temptation = Apple Juice
Farmer's Friend = Water
Pucker Power = Lemonade

Polly's Delight = Crackers
A Wedding Tradition = Rice
Smiles Galore = Cheese
Cup of Cure = Chicken Noodle Soup
Hole-in-One = Olives
Tubular = Pasta
Chicken in a Basket = Deviled Eggs
A Small Raise = Bread
KP's Agony = Potatoes
Son of Noah = Ham
Roly Poly = Grapes
Bumps on a Log = Corn on the Cob
Yuck & Yum = Broccoli & Cheese
What's up Doc? = Carrots
Peter Rabbit's Favorite = Salad
Vegas Mormon = Cantaloupe
Foreign Money = French Bread

Mr. Wiggles = Gummy Worms
Batter Up = Cake
Don't Have a Cow = Ice Cream
George's Delight = Cherry Dessert
Tall, Dark & Handsome = Chocolate Cake