Monday, May 2

Class Presidencies

The handbook outlines what a class presidency is and lists their duties. The videos above are a message from a YW leader and an example of a class presidency meeting. We use the second video when we orient a class presidency. You can download these or other videos from the Church HERE. We try to follow the pattern from this video in our meetings. Because our numbers are few (especially our laurel class), we have one class presidency. This works well for us. We also use the principles found in the Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth to help train our class presidency.

We have one combined AP/YW activity on the first week of each month (planned in BYC). We have class activities on the third week of each month and stake activities on fifth weeks. This leaves our class presidency two activities per month to plan. The original ideas come from the classes. So, the Beehives, Mia Maids and Laurels rotate months and come up with two activity ideas. The ideas are fleshed out and planned in the class presidency meetings. Two adult leaders are invited to attend each class presidency meeting. Usually these are the adult leaders over the class in charge for that month (so, Mia Maid Adviser and 1st Counselor meet with the class presidency when planning mutual for the Mia Maid month). When planning the activities, our class presidency uses the Planning Calendars from

The class presidency agenda is outlined in the handbook. I made a copy of this section and gave it to the Young Women for their binders. They stick to the agenda very well and I find their meetings to be frequently more efficient than our own presidency meetings!


Guileless Mom said...

I found your blog when doing a google search for these videos. I can't seem to find them on the church website anymore. Even when using your link.

Any tips?