Saturday, May 14

Friendship, Dating & Marriage Activity

We had a wonderful activity last night that I wanted to share. We had a panel with the bishopric's wives. They brought their wedding pictures and dresses and had them in the room. We had a jar that the girls put questions in for them to answer - we told the girls they could ask questions about friendship, dating or marriage.

They started out by sharing their engagement stories & their wedding day and then answered the questions from the jar which were things like: How old should you be before you get your first kiss? And, how old should you be to get married?

It was really fun & spiritual and the girls absolutely loved it!

We ended with a nice dessert & gave the girls temple hangers. We told the girls to hang their them in their closet only surrounded by modest clothing so that every day when they see it they will be reminded that they are daughters of God. They will remember what they stand for and of their goal to go through the temple someday.



Daniel said...

Your activity sounds wonderful... what is a Temple hanger? Thank you so much for sharing..... please email (I'm usuing my husband's account because that's what I found you on).