Thursday, June 9

Babysitter's Class

Many of the Beehives have probably been babysitting for awhile, but have they been taught what to do in an emergency? Can they stop a bleeding cut, care for a minor burn; do they know how to treat a bump on the head, or other things that happen to kids? Do they know what to do when siblings fight, a child is defiant, or what to do with bored kids? While we might assume the girls know these things, many do not. Hold a babysitters class where these things are addressed, as well as ideas for being an active babysitter, not a sitting sitter!

Have the girls make a babysitter's bag with first aid information, as well as "surprise" things she can bring for the kids. This can include movies, games, toys, coloring books, play-dough, or other crafts. This is helpful because the kids are excited about the surprises, and the babysitter can change it all the time.

Active activities are always a good for babysitters and the kids they watch. You can teach the girls how to make basic puppets and how stage a puppet show. The library has books on plays for children, which could be a fun activity. A babysitter can play sports with the kids, make obstacle courses, and other outdoor games. Have the girls compile a list of things they like to do that they can do when they babysit.

It is important to have ideas for kids of all ages so the babysitter knows what to do for a variety of age groups!