Wednesday, August 10

Mother/Daughter Dinner

Last night we had a mother/daughter dinner. It was a lovely evening. Our class presidency planned it and made assignments. They did all of the cooking and we ate outdoors. Plastic was down on the picnic tables and the girls fed us enchiladas and salad and lemonade. Brownies for dessert!

After dinner we played a version of the Newlywed Game where there were ten questions about the daughters and ten about the mothers. Then answers were tallied and shared. Hilarious!

Some of the questions about the daughters included: What is your daughter's least favorite chore? Who is your daughter's best friend? What does your daughter want to be when she grows up? Moms and daughters both answered the questions (daughters about themselves, obviously). Some of the questions about the Mothers included: When is your mother's birthday (including year!)? What actor does your Mom find attractive? When is your parent's wedding anniversary? Again, both answered the questions - this time Moms about themselves.

Simple activity and a lot of fun!