Wednesday, August 24

Personal Progress Incentive

We keep a small vase (you can use a jar of any kind) and a baggie of little plastic "gems" on our table every Sunday and every Tuesday. Right before the prayer, we have the girls add whatever "beads" they've earned since the last time.

  • 2 beads for bringing their books every Sunday and Tuesday.
  • 5 beads for every experience they finish.
  • 20 beads for each 10-hr project they complete.
Our reasoning behind giving them beads just for bringing their books, is because 1st - they have them when we need them for parts of lessons, etc. and 2nd - if they KNOW where their book is and have looked at it recently, it's seriously half the battle of getting things accomplished. Plus everyone has theirs in hand and they see each other getting things signed off and they see all the highlighted areas in the other girls' books and it motivates them.

When the vase is full we have a Personal Progress Pizza Pigout Party (5p party), where they all wear their PJ's and bring a treat the starts with "P". We provide 2 $5 pizzas and just play games and enjoy each other. The wonderful part about this activity is that it gives us leaders a chance to bring each girl into the other room for a quiet 5-8 minute interview and copy all of their progress into our tracking sheets and really chat with each girl about school, friends, home-life, etc. They think it's all about fun, and we get our PP interviews done. It's perfect. This happens about twice each year! You may have to play with the size of the jar and the size of the beads to make sure they get rewarded often enough, but not too often. Twice or three times a year works really well for us.

Thanks to Vonda Dastrup for this idea!


Assorted Mini Gems