Thursday, February 23

Two Words: Waffle Party!

Who doesn't love waffles? That was the question my Laurel class had for me when they planned this activity. Their idea was to have a waffle night and invite the Priests.

Assignments were made: waffle irons, waffle batter (6 types!) and toppings (fruit, syrups, whipped cream, etc.) and the party was held.

This was a great activity for socializing. The youth had a good time making different flavors of waffles and just enjoying one another. They played a couple of games and had a fun time. For the waffles, we did "normal" waffle batter and then several flavors of cake batter waffles. To make cake batter waffles, just combine cake mix (ANY flavor - we used fudge, strawberry chip, red velvet, yellow cake - and more) with 3 eggs, 1/3 C oil & 1 1/3 C water.

I purchased disposable containers like these to make the batter in. This worked well because when it was over I just put lids on the batter and sent them home with the young women!