Friday, April 6

Camp Theme?

In re-reading the YW Camp Guide, I noticed that it says this about selecting a theme:

A theme provides a focus for camp. A theme may be:

  • A scripture
  • A statement from a prophet
  • A hymn
  • The Young Women theme or the current Mutual theme
Even though I think it's important to have FUN at camp, I am committed to have a spiritual theme. We'll be using the current mutual theme, "Arise and Shine Forth." I believe this theme can be both fun and spiritual!

I also want to have activities to celebrate Young Women Camp's 100th birthday! 

What are you using for your theme? What are your ideas for celebrating the 100th birthday of camp? Here's a list of ideas from!


Anonymous said...

We had our camp in early June. The theme was Rise Up. Our Ward chose "Rise above the Jungle" and had jungle animals, and a tiki room, and palm trees all over the place (more of a tropical jungle thing going on). We even painted the madagascar animals, fun!!!

Whit said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. :)