Thursday, April 21

Can We Get to the Temple by Chance?

We divided up into cars. Each car had a coin. We told the YW we were going to see if we could get to the temple and then at each intersection we would have the YW flip a coin. We would go right or left depending on the coin flip.

After driving around for awhile, we met back at the home of one of the leaders and talked about how getting to the temple cannot happen by chance - it is a choice and requires preparation. Then we watched John Bytheway's Standards Night Live. Simple, with a powerful message.

We then planned a trip to the temple for another night and had the YW dress up. We took their pictures and had a great activity on the temple grounds.

2 comments: said...

Genius. I'm using this as an object lesson for #16 and 17. Thanks for posting.

Courtney said...

Could you work this into a personal progress activity for choice and accountability, if so which value would you use?
I am new in yw and in personal progress help!