Thursday, April 21

Service Project for Children's Hospital

I called the children's social worker at our local hospital and asked what kinds of things we could do to help the children's unit there. First of all, there may or may not be a children's social worker or child life specialist at your hospital. You may have to speak to someone else. But, there are always kids in the hospital who need things to help entertain them!

Our project was to make activity bags. We sewed double handled bags and collected books, coloring books, crayons, and puzzles to put in them. The hospital may have recommendations or requirements for what kind of things you can put in. We also read books on cassette tapes (this was several years back) and had the book with the cassette.

Another thing you can also do is either collect stuffed animals, or teach the girls how to sew them to donate to the children there. You could do a movie drive where you collect VHS or DVD movies for kids and their families to check out while they're in the hospital. Again, check with the hospital for what they need.