Saturday, April 23

Car maintenance

This is really good for all the girls to know, but especially those of driving age. We did this for a R.S. activity once too and it was well received! This was a required learning experience for me and my sister before we could get our licenses, and it amazes me how many of my kids' friends do not know how to change a tire, but they all drive. What will they do in an emergency?

Have a brother in the ward, or a couple of them, come teach the girls about basic car maintenance: how to check the oil and other fluids (as well as adding fluids when needed), and how to change a tire. The girls will have a test on the information. So have the demonstrations, then take the girls one or two at a time and have them actually do everything: check the oil, fluids, and change a tire.


Whit said...

We passed around a sheet in YW recently to see what skill the YW were interested in learning and I was AMAZED at how many put this one. Thanks for sharing. We really need to get this set up in our ward. :)