Saturday, April 23

Service Scavenger Hunt

This makes a great combined activity with the YM!

A couple weeks before the activity, announce to the ward (and get it in the bulletin) that the youth will be doing a service scavenger hunt, so on the date of the activity, would they please participate with the youth.

As leaders, create a list of service for the kids to do like: wash 4 windows inside and out, wash dishes, weed a garden, wash a car... anything you can come up with.

The night of the activity, divide the number of kids attending the activity into even groups. Divide the ward boundaries into sections, having the same number of sections as groups. Assign a leader to drive.

Each group goes through their section of the ward boundaries (they can go to those who aren't members too, if you know them and they would be friendly towards the kids) and they ask the members if they can perform a service. The kids can ask to do something like "Can we wash your windows?" or if they have a lot on their list, they can say "What would you like us to do for you?"

While the kids are working, the leader should take a picture to "prove" the service was done. If cameras aren't available, the member should sign their list next to the service the kids did. Pictures are fun though because you can make a poster or bulletin board for the ward to see!

First team back gets bragging rights!!