Tuesday, April 26

Need to Make a Tree??

Our camp theme this year is a safari theme and I decided that in order for us to really have that jungle feel we really needed TREES. Jungle trees! I found these amazing trees and knew they were the ones for me. Awesome looking and CHEAP and simple to make.

What you need:
What you do:
  • Cut the bottoms out of the paper bags and scrunch them (one after the other) onto the trunks, stapling to hold them on good.
  • Design and cut out palm-style leaves from the green vinyl.
  • Tape the end of each leaf onto the top center (button thingy) of the umbrella - covering the entire umbrella with leaves.
  • Staple the leaves onto the fabric of the umbrella - not necessarily flat (the tutorial above says "pooch" them) - I think we're going to tape ours so we can re-use the umbrellas. That way I can just bring some from home!
  • Place the umbrellas in the tops of the trees - VOILA!
I think we'll hang our lanterns from the trees - should look awesome!! We'll put a few tiki torches around and we're also going to make a totem pole by simply painting a couple of the carpet rolls. I'll post that project when we get there.

The trees in the photo were held up using microphone stands. We're going to put them up around our camp over metal fence posts that we will put into the ground to hold them in place. I can't wait!!


JoanneV59 said...

Love this idea! Thanks for the great instructions and pics. Good luck in creating your jungle at camp!