Tuesday, May 10

Do you need an Object Lesson?

Sometimes you just really need an object lesson! I have learned a couple of great ways to find object lessons when needed. Now I will share my secrets with you!

I was involved in Primary for many years and one thing I learned is that every Primary Lesson has an "Attention Activity." Often these attention activities make great object lessons for the youth. So, to find an object lesson on a particular subject, simply go to the Primary Manual section @ lds.org and search for the topic. This will pull up lessons that match that topic and you can view the attention activities to get your ideas!

Another way to find an object lesson is by looking at Mormonads! Fortunately, they are listed by topic @ lds.org and you can search your topic and then find a Mormonad that makes a good object lesson. Here is an example of object lessons found using these methods.

SUBJECT: "Seek to be Happy and Cheerful"

OBJECT LESSON #1: (from this Mormonad) - Have a bunch of blue helium balloons with one yellow helium balloon above the rest - the message "Rise Above the Blues!"

OBJECT LESSON #2: (from this Primary lesson) - Hold up the smiley/frowny face guy and recite the words to "Smiles."