Monday, May 9

Recognition Letter From the Young Women General Presidency

I recently learned that the Young Women General Board will send out a congratulatory letter to Young Women when they complete their personal progress. In order to request this letter, simply email the following information to youngwomen AT ldschurch DOT org along with your request...

  1. Full name of the young woman the letter is for.
  2. Full mailing address of where you'd like the letter sent.
  3. Ward & Stake
  4. Date she completed the Personal Progress program.
  5. Leader name & calling (or state that you are the parent of the YW)


Anonymous said...

They will send it to leaders that complete it as well! Just let them know it is a leader instead of a YW with the same information. :)

Anonymous said...

This is really cool. I sent for birth recognitions from the White House from the POTUS when my kids were born.
Where do you send the request for the YW letter to?

Julia said...

I tried this and got an email back saying they no longer do this (high demand and rising postage costs worldwide.)

Whit said...

Thanks for the note, Julia. Bummer. But understandable.