Sunday, May 8

Recipe swap

As the girls prepare for their future, learning to cook is very important!! Many girls are learning how to cook at home, or perhaps you've had a cooking night for an activity. A fun activity is to have a tasting night and recipe swap to encourage the girls to try new foods, and to learn to enjoy cooking.

Have each girl bring 5 recipes (you can have them bring less if you have a lot of girls in your group), and have them cook and bring one for everyone to taste. For the 5 recipes, have them bring them in different categories: drinks, salads, main dish, cookie, dessert, etc. Either purchase cute recipe cards, or bring the large size index cards for the girls to copy recipes on. Or, have the recipes typed up and copied so they can cut out and glue or tape the recipe on the card.

For a craft, the girls can paint their own recipe box.