Monday, May 30

Quilt Tying

Recently we had a sister in our ward come visit with the YW about homemaking skills. She talked with them for a few minutes about how everyone has different talents, etc. and we don't all have to do all of the homemaking crafts. She talked about cooking and cleaning and their importance and then discussed other skills.

Then we all went upstairs and tied lap quilts. The Sister who spoke helped the YW with the quilting instructions. We borrowed frames from the Relief Society.

We had set up two frames and had the edges already bound so that once they tied them, they were finished. The YW them presented these quilts to the two graduating seniors. These quilts could be given to new mothers in the ward or donated to a local shelter.

There are several areas of Personal Progress where the YW could use this skill, including Knowledge Experience #2.


Lap Quilting Lives!


Georgina Close said...

What an absolutely wonderful blog!!
Have just been called to young womens for the first time and have been searching the net for some help on activiites and am so grateful that I found your site! Heaps of awesome ideas-thankyou!!!
Georgina x

Whit said...

Glad you found us! Feel free to add your ideas. :)