Tuesday, May 31

Speed Gaming!

What You Need:

  1. BOARD GAMES - One board game for every 4 or so youth (make sure they are games that can be played with 4 players.
  2. Bowl of commands like: everyone wearing red swap places, everyone wearing flip-flops swap places, Beehives swap places, etc.

What You Do:

  1. Set up the board games on tables around the Cultural Hall. 
  2. Have youth draw to see who's at what table (or just let them choose to start with). 
  3. Have them begin playing the games!
  4. Have a timer and every 5 minutes have everybody STOP playing. 
  5. Draw a command out of a bowl and follow the instructions.
  6. Enjoy!
Some of Our Favorite Games For This Activity:

It's good to have an adult who stays at each table who is familiar with all of the rules.