Monday, December 5

Combined YW/RS skills contest

Our Y.W. and R.S. had a joint meeting where they discussed the "necessities" of what all girls should know: cleaning, sewing/mending, etc. Then we had skills contests like: sewing on a button, setting a formal table setting, adding a contact in a cell phone, jumping rope, peeling potatoes, ironing a shirt, finding information on the internet, sorting cooking measures, and folding laundry.

They divided into teams for nearly equal R.S. and Y.W. in each group. There were tables set up around the gym, and you had 5 minutes at each station, with 2-3 contests during that time. It was a Y.W. vs. R.S. lady. The person manning each station kept score. When each group had made it around the gym, they totaled the scores to see who won each skill!

It was fun to get to have girls of all ages having fun together in friendly competition. It was fun to go up against a beehive while jumping rope and facing off against a Laurel to search the internet for which new temples were announced in Oct. conference.