Monday, June 6

Camp Cards (Based on Sneaky Cards)

This is a pass-along game to play at Girls' Camp. It is based on the Sneaky Cards Game. There are FOUR files to download with 8 cards in each file. Please feel free to print, laminate and play at camp - but it is copyrighted so please do not sell the design or printed cards!!

Download the FIRST FILE HERE.

Download the SECOND FILE HERE.

Download the THIRD FILE HERE.

Download the FOURTH FILE HERE.

We'd love it if you'd come share your experiences with this game. :)


Whit said...

All downloadable files on this site are through dropbox. You can get an account there for FREE. They also have an app. As long as you have dropbox you should be able to access the files. :)

Unknown said...

Do you have something you can send me that is just your blank cards? We love this and are using it at camp this year, just want to add some of our own cards along with yours. THANK YOU (